Visualizing Open Source Project Commit Histories

Recently, I came across this excellent interview with the graphic designer Peter Saville describing the origin of Joy Division's famous cover for Unknown Pleasures. I decided to recreate the visual form of the image using open source project commit histories, including VSCode, React, TensorFlow, and Git itself.

The 2013 Felton Volume Chart

This final post in my series on how I created the visualizations in my Visual Studio Code 2020 Year in Review covers how I recreated the "volume chart" from Nicholas Felton's 2013 Annual Report.

By Jeff Palmer in Case Studies

March 30, 2021 • 11 Minute Read

Visualizing the Change History of the Git Repository

Recently I decided to continue my experiments visualizing the data produced by the software development process. This time I decided to dig into the git commit history of Git itself, with the goal of creating something interesting and creative that still provides information about the subject matter.