Harmonium is a long-form generative art project released on fxhash on 30 June 2022. I worked on this project over the course of several months, and it’s my largest project to-date. This blog post describes the project in detail, from my inspirations to the technical issues I encountered while building it. Why Harmonium? As I was developing this project, I realized that I wanted to explore the varying relationships of shapes and forms.


Dissolution is a long-form generative artwork that I released on 26 January 2022. This post discusses various aspects of Dissolution, from its inspiration to some of the technical aspects of its creation.

Visualizing Open Source Project Commit Histories

Recently, I came across this excellent interview with the graphic designer Peter Saville describing the origin of Joy Division's famous cover for Unknown Pleasures. I decided to recreate the visual form of the image using open source project commit histories, including VSCode, React, TensorFlow, and Git itself.